_D-A-D-A, detail

_D-A-D-A is about the past and the present. _D-A-D-A is about conversion and pixel fascination. It stands for Digital Analogue Digital Analogue, the conversion steps taken during the making process. And "Dada" is not by accident one of the first words of a baby.

_D-A-D-A will be exhibited during Graphic Matters in Breda from September 22 – October 22, 2017 and Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 21- October 29, 2017.


For Grind the Gap 2 Barry created the work _D-A-D-A; a digital image through the eyes of a microscope. What exactly did he do to create this work of art? To begin with, he made a silkscreen of the first digital image ever (from 1957 by Russel Kirsch), which he subsequently photographed with his digital phone. Then he showed the picture on the screen of his smartphone, which he then placed under the microscope. That way, he could view the screen of his smartphone at pixel level. Subsequently, he “scanned" the entire picture with the microscope. That ultimately gave him 758 images, which he later merged into Photoshop, resulting in a pixelized version of the very first digital image ever made.

100 x 100 cm print with varnish coat, on dibond
Year: 2017